About AMIM

A Safe Harbour for the Industry

The Association of Shipbuilders and Repairers of Malaysia (ASROM) was established in 1984 and later changed their name to the Association of Marine Industries of Malaysia (AMIM) in 1997. AMIM is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that represents a vast sector of the Malaysian marine industry, which comprises of shipbuilding, ship repair and marine-related industries.

Entrusted by its members, AMIM’s primary mission is the protect and promote the interest of its members, to assist in the development of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair (SBSR) and marine-related industry, as well as to collaborate in efforts towards continuous improvement of maritime standards for the benefit of all.

AMIM works tirelessly to highlight issues and become the voice representing the industry in communications with the government. Over the years, AMIM has successfully done its part in becoming the bridge connecting the industry and the government, assisting them in providing valuable inputs for the betterment of the industry and ultimately bringing progress to Malaysia as a whole. Continuing with its efforts, AMIM engages the government and the industry frequently to strengthen relationships as well as fostering new ones. Thus, establishing AMIM as a household name in the SBSR sector and the maritime sector as a whole.

Our Values

No matter what situation, our team acts with integrity and honesty as we focus on putting ourselves in the shoes of others. We communicate and connect with our members, partners, stakeholders and each other as we rely on each other to drive success. With close relationships among each other, a person will go above and beyond in their duty, and their actions impact businesses and our partners’ success.

At AMIM, we dive deep to understand how and what makes our stakeholders tick as we are all about providing outstanding service to our members, partners, stakeholders and the community. A true champion of this mindset, we take pride in knowing that we’re making a real difference by working together to achieve our goals.

Our Vision

We aim to continually further the development and explore the potential of the Malaysian Maritime Industry as well as to help materialise the aspiration of Malaysia to be a maritime nation.

Our Missions


To provide a platform that protects and strive for the interest of its members.


To develop the Shipbuilding, Ship Repair and Maritime industries in Malaysia.


To form a means of communication between members, convey information and provide facilities for discussion on matters affecting the Shipbuilding, Ship Repairing and Marine industries in Malaysia.


To foster communication and cooperation between its members, the Association and affiliated organisations.


To promote research and also to provide advice and assistance to members on all measures as shall appear to the Association to be proper and desirable.


To promote the education and training in all aspects of Shipbuilding, Ship Repairing and Marine industries with the aim to upgrade such expertise in Malaysia and concerning this, provide scholarships either by the Association or in collaboration with other associations.


To hold exhibitions and manage matters of common interest, concern or benefit, and to collect and manage funds for members or any group of members.


To make by-laws and regulations in accordance with these rules and to take action as may be necessary to enforce these rules and said by-laws and regulations against any member of the Association.


To make or at the discretion of the Association to assist any member in making representation to any Government or Government representation, a public or private body, association, corporation, company, firm or individual on matters concerning the Shipbuilding, Ship Repair and Marine industries.


To establish and maintain premises for the purposes of the Association and the use of its members and to provide social amenities, including meals and refreshments.


To apply for and promote any legislative or other measures affecting the Shipbuilding, Ship Repair and Marine industries.

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As the only national industry organisation representing SBSR and marine-related industry players in Malaysia, AMIM plays a central role in the development of the nation’s SBSR industry.