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About AMIM

As the only national industry organisation representing SBSR and marine-related industry players in Malaysia.

AMIM plays a central role in the development of the nation’s SBSR industry. AMIM takes this role seriously and often play key roles in highlighting issues aimed at enhancing and strengthening the development of national SBSR industry.

Since our inception in 1984, AMIM has had extensive experience in leadership, knowledge and comprehension, connectivity, networking and engagements in the SBSR industry. AMIM is recognised as an NGO representing and serving Malaysian SBSR companies and marine-related or support service companies that are members of AMIM, the Malaysian SBSR industry, government, the nation and citizens of Malaysia.

Campaigning for a Greater Cause

Current causes that AMIM has been striving for:

Equal Level Playing Field

AMIM has been campaigning for the extension of the Bona Fide Status (tax exemption) and the revision of Lampiran 1 of the Bona Fide Status. The Bona Fide Status will enable the SBSR industry in Malaysia to compete at an equal level playing field with other nations.

Malaysian Build for Malaysia

AMIM supports the enforcement of Malaysia Build for Malaysia initiative. This requires all government departments and government-linked companies (GLCs) to strictly adhere to the “Buy Malaysia First” or “Malaysian Made” policy.

Maritime Fund – Government Funds for Malaysian Build Only

AMIM is striving to improve financial facilities and for a special incentive to be given to finance and fund only vessels that are built in Malaysia.

Promoted Activity or New Industrial Master Plan (IMP)

AMIM has also been campaigning for the reinstatement of SBSR as promoted activities and to extend and enhance tax incentives such as Pioneer Status, Reinvestment Tax Allowance and Investment Tax Allowance.

Striving for Excellence in the Industry.

Legal Advisor of AMIM

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As the only national industry organisation representing SBSR and marine-related industry players in Malaysia, AMIM plays a central role in the development of the nation’s SBSR industry.