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Welcome to the official website of Association of Marine Industries of Malaysia’ (AMIM) which features information about the association, its activities and its members.

As the foremost association in the marine industries, AMIM’s key mandates are to safeguard the interests of its members to meet the growing demands and ever-changing landscape of the marine industries in line with the aspiration of making Malaysia a high income and globally competitive maritime nation.  It also acts as a national focal point for stakeholders in the Malaysian marine industries to discuss industry issues and developments and as a platform to disseminate information on the marine industries.

As the appointed Industry Lead Body (ILB) for the shipbuilding / ship repair industry by Department of Skills Development, Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR), AMIM has successfully developed the National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) for the industry in hull, electrical and piping.  It is currently developing a NOSS for fibre glass boat repair., which is one of its main projects for 2016.  In addition, AMIM was awarded a contract by MOHR in 2015 to conduct a research study on the human capital requirements of the marine industry. Developing industry standards, carrying out studies, and organizing training, seminars and talks on the marine industries are among the key activities which AMIM regularly carries out.

The Malaysian Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Industry Strategic Plan 2020 (SBSR 2020) envisions Malaysia to become a globally competitive nation in the SBSR industry by 2020, especially in the small to medium size vessels category.   To attain this goal requires concerted effort by all stakeholders.  Although most of the action plans spelled out in SBSR 2020 have been initiated, there are still many challenges facing the industry.   AMIM is committed to play its part in helping to realize the goals spelled out in SBSR 2020 and enhance the contribution of the SBSR industry to Malaysia’s  economy.

The marine industries are going through very challenging times amid tentative recovery of the global economy, lower oil prices, cutbacks in offshore exploration and production activities by oil majors, slow demand for shipping services and overcapacity in the shipping trade.  All these weigh heavily on players in the marine industries but at the same time the challenging landscape also presents some opportunities to those who care to look closely and tune in their resources towards reaping them.

I hope to be able to count on the continuous commitment, cooperation and support from AMIM’s partners and stakeholders in ensuring that the association can successfully carry out activities that benefit not only its members but the marine industries and the nation as a whole. Much is expected of AMIM to help spearhead the development of the marine industries to greater heights and facilitate Malaysia’s growing trade and economic development, and help the nation to reach fully developed status by 2020.

Thank you for visiting our website and I hope you will find it informative and useful.  Please drop the AMIM Secretariat a line at if you have any feedback on the website or enquiries on the services or products of our members.