The association was established on March 14, 1984 and was initially known as Association of Shipbuilders and Repairers of Malaysia (ASROM). The name was changed to Association of Marine Industries of Malaysia (AMIM) on July 24, 1997 with a view to broaden its membership and representative spectrum to include all aspects of marine industry activities in Malaysia. PRIMARY OBJECTIVES The objectives of this Association are:
  • To protect, safeguard, preserve and strive for the interest of its members to meet the growing demands of the industry and the aspiration of Malaysia to be a Maritime Nation;
  • To develop and improve the standard and technology by setting up standard in conformity with the global order and applying it to Malaysian Shipbuilding, Ship repair and general Marine industries;
  • To act as a mean of communication and forum for its members to interact contribute and consolidate their ideas and experience to improve the industry;
  • To act as a source of reference for Marine industries of Malaysia by providing information kiosk, directory and other services to promote and introduce the activities of its members;
  • To promote cooperation between its members and affiliated members with the objectives of forming a healthy working relations between parties and encourage the exchange of technologies as inspired by the national industrial policy;
  • To give assistance in the form of advice and references for expert advice on all matters relating to management of business and investments and also sponsor and promote research into areas affecting marine industries in Malaysia or any other act that the Association may think proper and desirable in the interest of the Association in line with any of its objective;
  • To promote and facilitate the pursuit of education and training in marine industries curriculum by sponsoring, introducing, advocating and subjects related to the industry and providing such facilities like scholarships and loans and to enable the pursuit locally or abroad of suitable candidates to ensure the continuity of the industry and its development;
  • To organize, sponsor and hold lectures, workshops, exhibition, visits, competition, trade discussion and representation locally and abroad on Marine industry activities in Malaysia;
  • To act as buffers and representative for its members in their relation with government agencies and other concerned groups to enable issue be collective and centralized to improve efficiency by eliminating repetition and deliberation;
  • To assist members in negotiations, meetings, discussions with other groups or agencies with the object of furthering the development of Marine industry in Malaysia;
  • To organize and manage matters of common interest, concern or benefit to members or any group of members and to collect and manage funds for the same;
  • To make by laws and regulations to govern the conduct and ethic of its members based on established customs and practices of marine businesses and having such mandate and authority to promulgate and enforce these rules and regulations against any members of the Association;
  • To make representation on behalf of its members at any forum for dispute settlements, negotiation, inquiries or forum at its sole discretion on all matters concerning marine industries and to employ, recommend and introduce professionals for the purpose of common good of the Association at its discretion without prejudice to any of its members;
  • To establish, maintain, rent, acquire or own property under the Association for the use of its members and engage in such social activities including meals and refreshment for its members;
  • To act as Arbitrators in any disputes of its members provided that such members have given their express consent in writing. Such Arbitration shall always be subject to any written laws applicable at that time in Malaysia without prejudice to their legal rights thereof;
  • The Association shall act as a catalyst and promote, introduce, assist and propose to the relevant Local, State or Federal government authorities or other law makers to review, revise, amend, append or introduce new legislation to the effect to improve the quality and quantity of marine industries in Malaysia;
NOTWITHSTANDING ANY OF THE ABOVE OBJECTIVES, the Association is authorized and mandated to do all that is necessary to ensure the development, continuity and progression of its members in the industries and to do all that is in the best interest of its members and assist the government at realizing its aspiration.