Ship Classification Malaysia admitted into Association of Asian Classification Societies
Published January 12, 2018

Ship Classification Malaysia admitted into ACS


It gives the AMIM Secretariat great pleasure to share a piece of good news regarding our association member, Ship Classification Malaysia (SCM).





After complying with the Association of Asian Classification Societies ‘(ACS) stringent verification process, the Executive Committee of ACS has approved the admittance of SCM into this prestigious regional association of classification societies. The main objectives of ACS are to promote ship safety at sea and marine environment protection, and to pursue improvement of its members’ performance and their technical contributions to the international maritime community.




SCM is the 7th member of ACS which also include regional heavyweights such as China Classification Society (China), Class NK (Japan), Korean Register of Shipping (South Korea), India Register of Shipping (India), Vietnam Register (Vietnam) and Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Indonesia).





The support extended by AMIM members and the Secretariat was crucial in helping SCM achieve this milestone.


Consistent with the charter of ACS, SCM will strive to provide the following :


  • Technical advancement and services of the highest standards to the maritime community.
  • Making technical contributions to governmental organizations and the maritime industry for the promotion of safety and environmental protection.
  • Continuous improvement of technical services and performance
  • Engaging in communication and dialogue with various organizations in the maritime industry


Tahniah / congratulations, SCM!


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